Oilpaintings, charcoal and goldleaf on linen by

Stefan Aurelius - fine artist

Oilpaintings, charcoal and goldleaf on linen by - Stefan Aurelius - fine artist
Stefan Aurelius and his art studio

Stefan Aurelius is a fine artist who work and live in the old railroad station in the village Burgsvik on the Swedish island Gotland in the middle of the Baltic sea.

Stefan Aurelius has been a professional artist since 1983. With education in filmproduction at Denison University, Ohio, he has been working with painting, sculpture, photography, and film. His works have been shown in Europe and the USA through 21 solo exhibitions, 47 group exhibitions and 7 film festivals. He has also completed 14 public arts projects.

Artist's statement

My oilpaintings has a sculptural quality that is hard to translate through photography although I am an educated photographer. The uneven surface of the oilpaint, created by every brushstroke in the wet oilpaint, gives a minute sculptural difference in the surface of the painting. This creates shadows and shine in the dried glossy oilpaint reflecting the light surrounding the viewer. The shine and shadows of all the random brushstrokes on the paintings surface depends on the movement of the viewer and the everchanging point of view. The viewer will reveal and conceal the painted image by movement. The painting urges and desires the viewer to move, to explore.

The oilpaint is opaque. Only traditional quality materials has been used such as pure pigments, no crystallic material for color-effects has been used at all. The background greyish-paint contains of a multitude of different color-pigments, so as the blue-greyish color becomes more vivid and alert for different lightsources than an ordinary grey. It is the light in the exhibition area that dictates the vision of the beholder to convey or conceal the imagery and reality withinside the painting. I want my paintings to look as lubricious and wet as they were when I painted them. Like the feeling of fertility.

Cuts from interview

Interview from solo exhibition at Third Millennium Gallery, Annapolis, USA, 2006.


Daisy With Rider

Becoming wet paintings

Horse Galloping

Horse Galloping and Pigment View

Colorchart of Pigment View


The entire interview